New HIBEL TM Lithographs from Zurich: June 2002

Following the Edna Hibel Society trip in 2002, Edna worked at Wolfensberger AG to complete three new original stone lithographs.  Hot off the proofing press, these photographs were sent to us in advance of the arrival of the proofs in Florida. :

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A.  Litho   590

Next To My Heart by Edna Hibel

"  Next To My Heart  "

 numbered edition; artist's proofs

B.  Litho  591

Golden Dreams by Edna Hibel

  "Golden Dreams"

      numbered edition; artist's proofs


C.  Litho  592

American Spirit by Edna Hibel

"  Soaring American Spirit  "       

                        numbered edition; artist's proofs


Contact us for these and other lithographs or call 1-800-275-3426. 

Edna has now produced 610 editions as of 2007.


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