Selling Your Hibel Art


The Edna Hibel Gallery was in the business of selling art from 1960 through 2009, and is no longer in operation. 

For people wishing to sell their Edna Hibel Paintings on consignment, please contact a West Palm Beach Florida area gallery, Edna's Fine Art .   Edna Hibel Corp. was THE market maker in Hibel art, but is no longer in operation.

Edna's  Fine Art has access to virtually all major Hibel collectors.  We understand that there are customers waiting for original items to come back on the market, so this gallery may be able to assist you to getting the highest value for your original paintings.   

This website and Hibel Studio Inc. are the world's foremost and best source for authentication, identification and valuation for insurance purposes of your Hibel works.

Other Artwork

For all other artwork and collectibles we suggest listing or registering your art on the Hibel artXchange.

To determine the current economic value of your Hibel paintings, lithographs, prints, plates, dolls and collectibles:

-Consider the current economic market and the stock market which influences the public's willingness to spend disposable income. 

-If you wish to sell your piece quickly, do not be greedy.

Other alternatives are local art galleries, antique shops, collectibles stores, consignment shops, and Internet auction sites, and if your situation allows, donations to worthy non-profit tax exempt organizations.   A "google"  search may also result in locating dealers around the country who handle Hibel work (we no longer maintain lists of dealers.)


We trust that you have enjoyed the Hibel art or gifts in your home over the years which itself equals considerable value.  Please consider this amortized value when you select a price for re-sale.  




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