Our HIBELTM Newest Lithographs in Fall 2001


                             Edna returned from a two day session working in Zurich after receiving the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts in The Netherlands. Prior to this session she spent two weeks in Zurich to prepare a number of editions for release at Hibelfest New England.  

 To obtain these works, the public should call 1-800-275-3426

Edna described stone lithography in a statement which you may find interesting as you strive to understand the complex and demanding task of creating original stone lithographs.

See the photos below of Edna working in the studio.

Edna is applying the gold on Nature's Caress


Edna is working on the stone and Chioggia


Edna is finishing Morning Stroll

The printing press for editions and staff


The variety of tools and inks that are used in stone lithography



Several proofs with the edition of Chioggia

Please contact the Edna Hibel Corp at 1-800-275-3426 with questions and purchase orders.

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