Edna HIBELTM Wish List

Below are items listed that our visitors are trying to locate. Edna Hibel headquarters no longer has these items in stock.  It is our hope that owners and wholesale customers will take a look at these listings from time to time so the searcher can be connected with an owner.  Like in our artXchange, we will not be involved in the sale or transfer of the items or money.  This is just a listing service.  Please let us know if the items are no longer required. To add items to this list. Thanks.

                ITEM    PRICE REQUESTED  CONTACT              DATE
Entered Found
St chapelle christmas ornament 1987, porcelain
  Contact 122809
Winterfleur Candle Holder
White Kaiser porcelain
  Contact 120208
Bathsheba Plate   Contact 0523108
Hannah and Her Two Children Reproduction   Contact 053108
Bounce Serigraph, Black line figure holding red item   Contact 020607
1989 Mother's Day Plate   Contact 112806
" Old Friends" Stone Lithograph   Contact 112806
Prince Of Peace   Contact 080506
And Unto Us a Child is Given" 4th in blue
  Contact 021406
The Wonder of Love Regal Edition Blue   Contact 021406a
Mother's Day plates

1992-Molly & Annie

1993 Olivia & Hildy

1997Elaine and Zena

1998 Paradise Forever

  Contact 102905
Eve and Child

2000 Mother's Day Plate

  Contact 030505
Nancy with Megan Stone Lithograph   Contact 021405
Vanessa and Children-limited edition reproduction   Contact 122804
Original Lithograph entitled "Kelly"   Contact 102204
Peaceful Kingdom Plate   Contact 071304
Wendy  Collectable Plate   Contact 062804
Hibel wooden music box made in Italy with Moonlight Sonata music #5634   Contact 561-784-0780 060204
Hibel Vanity Tray, only one ever created with Hibel images of glass in rectangle shape.   Contact 051204
2001 Mother's Day Plate
1989 Mother's Day Plate
  Contact 050404
Elizabeth, Jordan, and Janie 1990
Hibel Mother's Day Plate
  Contact 032204
Swiss Man and Swiss Woman   Contact 022404
Original Stone Lithograph- " Who Is Rich..He who rejoices in his portion"   Contact 122903
Africa Plate   Contact 111303
Wonder of Peace Plate   Contact 102003
Hannah and her two daughters-reproduction
  Contact 092504
Young Manchu
Zurich, Switzerland
Edna Hibel
  Contact 062803
Young woman - Work titled Pregnant Girl or The Pregnant Girl-(Heidi lithograph)
  Contact 042903
Sayuri and Child-Royal Doulton plate   Contact 041103
Colette and Chilld-Royal Doulton plate   Contact 041103
Colette and Child collectible plate by Royal Doulton   Contact 120902
Umbria Items desired: "Pioneer Mother","Nadine and Iris","Quiet Village", "Ponte D'Oro",
florals. Italian clayware, pottery plates with handpainted copies of Edna Hibel's work.
  Contact 102202
Elizabeth Jordan and Jamie Plate, MD 1990   Contact 100702
Angelica with Doves Figurine   Contact 061802
Elisabeth Jordan and Jamie Plates 1990 Mother's Day   Contact 032702
Peony and

Wistera Plates

   Not specified   Contact 020102


Bronze Sculpture of Boy with Fishing Pole, 8" is mate to a female piece   Contact 042601

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