Excerpts from HIBELTMletter,

the official newsletter of the Edna Hibel Society:

From Volume 7, No. 10--Fall 1999

Edna Takes the Fifth!

Edna Hibel Receive Honorary Doctorate of Humanities Degree

    There she was, our beloved octogenarian-plus, all bedecked in traditional cap and gown looking much like the younger graduates on stage, waiting to receive a well-deserved Doctorate in the Humanities from Northwood University in West Palm Beach, Florida.  the date was May 26,  1999, and this was Doctorate number five for our "super star."  On hand to cheer her on were a number of Hibelites sitting throughout the audience.

    The prestigious Kravits Center for the Performing Arts, venue for the stars, was a perfect setting for the commencement exercises, and Northwood University sure knows how to stage an event.

    This was as classy a commencement as I have ever attended including my own which took place in ancient times.  First of all, the stage was set with colorful flowers and the South Florida Brass Quintet, a great group, welcomed everyone with the music of familiar marches, setting the tone for the afternoon.  There was an aura of excitement in the air and the graduating class numbering about 330 were a colorful group, many from foreign countries.

    After the commencement, our ever-gracious Edna stood and signed commemorative posters for the new graduates.  It was a super event and another important milestone, in the career of Her Ladyship.



    To celebrate the appearance of 30 Hibel art works on television this fall, Hibel Society members may now enter an enjoyable, easy-to-play sweepstakes drawing.   Simply cut out the accompanying entry form, fill out your answer-including the name of the Hibel art work and the name and date of the TV program on which you saw the art work.  Secondly, cut the form our and return it by mail or fax to the Hibel Society--Fax: (561)848-9640 or mail to TV Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 9967, Riviera Beach, FL 33419 including e-mail  address if available.  Please be sure to indicate your preferred Hibel dealer on the form as your dealer may also receive a prize.

    The name of the Hibel art work is shown on the website. First prize will be awarded from correct entries received by October 15, 1999.  A second prize will be awarded from all correct entries received by November 15 and final prize will be awarded from all correct entries received by December 15, 1999.    Winners may select one from the items being shown on TV programs beginning this  fall. Entry is free.  You may enter up to five times (one for each program) in any given month.  

Excerpted from Volume 6, Number 4, Special Edition (January, 1997):


Celebrating 80 Years of Love and Compassion

We are enormously blessed to have our darling, talented Edna create for us for so many years her visions of how wonderful it is to be alive. Even before returning from her Ruth Sturtevant Traveling Fellowship to Mexico in 1939, Edna has showered us with her images of the love and beauty she finds in people and nature the world over.

Certainly, if anyone deserves to be feted, it is Edna Hibel. This special birthday edition of the Hibeletter will outline many ways in which Edna's 80th birthday year will be honored. We know you will enjoy the many special events and new, exclusive membership opportunities presented in this Hibeletter, just in time for Lady Edna's 80th. Long may she reign!



Enjoy the Many Benefits of the Edna Hibel Society

Your Board of Governors is proud to offer the lowest annual membership dues of $20. ($35. for two years) of any artist club. This has been a source of great satisfaction for us, since the Edna Hibel Society is 21 years old, and is the world's oldest artist fellowship. Now, in honor of Edna's 80th birthday, your board is offering these new membership levels:

****$35. Silver Year Membership Level: In addition to the poster, newsletter, and all the other benefits that come with the $20. membership, this member will receive a gift, free of charge, of a stylish Lady Edna Fashion Wear, which itself is valued at $35.






****$50. Golden Year Membership Level: In addition to the poster, newsletter, and all the other benefits that come with the $20. membership, this member will receive a gift, free of charge, of a beautiful Hibel Vignette framed miniature reproduction, itself valued at $50.

One of Several 5 1/2" by 7" Hibel Vignette's.

These new membership levels make wonderful ways to celebrate Edna's 80th Birthday, and are gifts of exceptional value.


Headline Excerpts from the forthcoming Summer edition of Hibeletter:

----"HibelFest New England, October 18-19, Will Be A Birthday Party Like No Other"

----"Hibel Society Art Tour with Edna to East and South Africa, November 10-30"

----"October 4th Hibel Exhibition Opening in Houston at The Museum of Printing History"

----"One of U.S.'s Oldest Institutions to Give Highest Arts Award to Edna, January 24--First Ever to a Woman Painter"

----"Edna Given Painting Commission to Commemorate Project Hope's 40th Anniversary--Her Painting to be Unveiled at Smithsonian Institute in December"


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