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             What is a  stone lithograph?  Here is an  explanation by Edna .


 The original stone lithographs shown here were completed by Edna Hibel in her Zurich, Switzerland Studio over the years. Each edition may contain a variety of color sections. You  are seeing just one of several possible color sections available.  Please click to enlarge and please be patient. 

We  consider Edna Hibel to be a master lithographer. Her editions use up to 32 colors, requiring a separate stone and drawing for each color  Stone lithographs are original art since the original drawing touches the paper surface.  Edna signs each work, and hand-applied numbers in pencil show you the section, number, and edition size. 

All Hibel images are copyrighted by Hibel Studio, Inc. 2000-2007  and may not be reproduced without permission. 

  September 2001 Lithographs

2000 Trip

The previous 50 editions of multi-color original stone lithographs by Edna Hibel.

New Lithographs in Fall 2001

Chiogga, in colored sections.LI580

Chioggia 22" x 16",  paper size  30" x 22" four sections: two one-color and two full-color sections, total edition 250.    Artist Proofs.



Nature's Caress(3Children) LI581

Lying down mother and three children 8-3/4" x 17-1/2", paper size  12" x 22" five sections, total edition 260      Artist Proofs

Catherine and Children LI582

30-1/2" x 19-1/2",    paper size  35-3/4" x 24-3/4" edition of 191, five sections.   Artist Proofs

  Morning Stroll LI583


Chinese mother and baby, called Morning Stroll is  25-1/4" x 17"image size,   31-1/2" x 22-1/2" paper size,  eight sections, total edition 215



2000 Trip

Original Stone Lithographs 

from Edna Hibel's Fall 2000 trip.

The image files are rather large. Please be patient as they appear.

LI 576  Floral Mystic 11 3/4" by 16 3/4"


LI577 Illusion  11 3/4" by 16 3/4"


LI 578 Millennium Joy  16 1/2" by 9"






LI 579 Fantasia  26" by 37 3/4"


LI 580 Chioggia  18" by 22 1/2"  

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580-CHIOGGIA.JPG (51027 bytes) Chiogga LI580 also with Gold Section                  Back to Top

579-FANTASIA.JPG (62654 bytes)Fantasia LI579

578-MILLENNIUM_JOY.JPG (46705 bytes)Millennium Joy LI578

 577-ILLUSION.JPG (66837 bytes)  Illusion LI577

576-FLORAL_MYSTIC.JPG (68405 bytes)Floral Mystic LI576

574-SOLOMAN.JPG (46178 bytes)Soloman LI 574

572-60TH ANNIVERSARY FLOWERS.JPG (81310 bytes)60th Anniversary Flowers LI572

569- VALENTINA AND KORE.JPG (48599 bytes)Valentine and Kore LI569

568-ATHENA.JPG (48996 bytes)Athena Li568

566-DiDi.JPG (44837 bytes)Didi LI566                                                                Back to Top

Majesty at Taj Mahal LI565

560-ELEPHANT PARADE.JPG (68166 bytes)Elephant ParadeLI560

559-ORIENTAL_DELIGHT.JPG (39169 bytes)Oriental Delight LI559

558-OUR_MOTHERS_BEFORE_US.JPG (62354 bytes)Our Mother's Before Us LI558

557-ANCIENT WISDOM.JPG (41002 bytes)Ancient Wisdom LI 557

555-MY_KINGS__I.JPG (44512 bytes)My Kings and I LI555

554-MOTIF_I__II.JPG (48409 bytes)Motif Number 1 , 2 LI554

553-LORELEI__CHILDREN.JPG (43679 bytes)Lorelei and Children LI553

552-ABRAHAM LINCOLN.JPG (55559 bytes)Abraham Lincoln LI552

550-MOTHER__CHILD_OF_THERA.JPG (50471 bytes)Mother and Child of Thera LI550

549-FOOTNOTES_OF_A_SYMPHONY.JPG (45029 bytes)Footnotes of a Symphony LI549

548-CELIA.JPG (54901 bytes)Celia LI548

547-CALVIN.JPG (54337 bytes)Calvin LI547

546-JILL ANN.JPG (47641 bytes)Jill Ann LI546

545-WENDY THE YOUNGEST DOCENT.JPG (58301 bytes)Wendy the Youngest Docent LI545

544-SPRITES OF THE GRECIAN URN.JPG (35998 bytes)Sprites of a Grecian Urn LI544

542-JENNIFER MARY TAKING A BOW AT THE BOLSHOI.JPG (82525 bytes)Jennifer Mary Takes a Bow at the Bolshoi LI542

541-ZALINA WITH ARIES AND ANDE.JPG (69207 bytes)Zalina with Aries and Ande LI541                                           Back to Top

540-UPSY DAISY.JPG (32916 bytes)Upsy Daisy LI540

539-THISLE ROSE & DAY LILY.JPG (43546 bytes)Thistle Rose and Day Lily LI539

538-AMY REBECCA'S FLORAL FANTASY.JPG (77417 bytes)Amy Rebecca's Floral Fantasy LI538

537-ALASANDRA'S ROYAL HEIRS.JPG (47312 bytes)Alexandra's Royal Heirs LI537

536-AEGEA.JPG (46014 bytes)Aegea LI536

534-THE NEW RED JACKET.JPG (48894 bytes)The New Red Jacket LI534

533-LITTLE FLOWER.JPG (56223 bytes)Little Flower LI533

532-THE FRUIT SELLER.JPG (47025 bytes)The Fruit SellerLI532

531-SOLOMON'S COURT.JPG (46175 bytes) Solomon's Court LI531                             Back to Top

530-DAHLIA & CHILD.JPG (36498 bytes) Dahlia and Child LI530

529-PHAROAH'S DAUGHTER WITH MOSES IN THE BULRUSHES.JPG (60130 bytes)Pharoah's Daughter and Moses in the Bullrushes LI529

528-JOSHUA AT THE JORDAN.JPG (65534 bytes)Joshua at the Jordan LI528

524-KIRK.jpg (28210 bytes)Kirk LI524

523-THERESIA.JPG (28328 bytes)Theresia LI523

522-PRIMROSE BOUQUET.JPG (42879 bytes)Primrose BouquetLI532

                                                                                                                                    Back to Top

520-CHERRY BLOSSOMS.JPG (71666 bytes)Cherry Blossoms LI520

519-CHERYLL.JPG (73277 bytes)Cheryll LI519

516-DARYA'S DAUGHTER.JPG (51765 bytes)Darya's Daughter LI516

467-CHINA PROFILE.JPG (43854 bytes)China Profile LI567

512-VENETIAN STILL LIFE.JPG (61796 bytes)Venitian Still Life LI512

515-PROMISES TO KEEP.JPG (46033 bytes)Promises to Keep LI515

514-DEIDRE.JPG (44736 bytes)Deidre  LI514

513-JOEL.jpg (37549 bytes)Joel  LI513

511-GRACE.JPG (24391 bytes)Grace  LI511

The lithographs above are a sampling of the entire collection of 580 editions of original stone lithographs created by Edna Hibel since the 1960's  


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