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What was the Edna Hibel Society?
Founded in 1976, the Edna Hibel Society was the world's oldest non-profit international fellowship honoring an artist. Participate in a tradition of standards unequaled in excellence!  After the passing of Ralph and Faye Burg, the club's president, The Hibel Museum of Art staff attempted to operate the club for short time without success.  The Edna Hibel Society was disbanded in 2008.   Former benefits:

1)  Member's Only Events

HibelFest 2007

EHS members recently enjoyed a "Member's Only " reception at a Florida Hibel Gallery

Ralph,Mary Ellen,Edna,Anita  

Ralph Burg, Society President Emeritus , Mary Ellen, Society Secretary Emeritus, Anita Goffman, Edna

Hibel Location

Former Edna Hibel Society Membership Benefits:
  • Members-Only Receptions in Palm Beach County and elsewhere, and trips to Hibel exhibitions world-wide sometimes with Edna herself. 
  • Personalized Hibel Museum of Art Tour
  • Personalized Membership Card- new card is under development - not yet available.
  • Previews of Edna Hibel Artworks
  • Art Tours that Span the Globe
  • Frequent Email updates

Edna is featured in a newer Internet Ezine article at " collect.com " Click on link to read the article and use your browser's back button to return to our website. http://www.collect.com/interest/article.asp?id=2452

Edna Hibel Society ART TOURS were arranged by Alice Travel which organizes other group tours.

  • For reservations and information contact Alice Travel at 1-800-229-2542 toll free, or e-mail sales@alicetravel.com  or  www.alicetravel.com or 1-(973) 439-1710 FAX

    E-mail Alice Travel for the complete brochures on group travel opportunities.




  • The group met Edna after receiving the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Art given by the World Cultural Council when she returned from the Netherlands.    She is currently the only living American to have received this honor.  


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