Zurich     HIBELTM  Lithographs 2003

We received these photographs from the Wolfensberger studio in Zurich while Edna was busy for three weeks working on a recent group of images. Here you will see the arduous creative process of lithography.

 Click on the picture to enlarge the photos.

Edna drawing on a key stone

Edna spraying the stone with water.

Printing some proofs




Pulling the rods.


A print is coming off the press.


Edna was welcomed home from this historic trip with a special party.

Zurich     HIBELTM  Lithographs 2001

See the photos below of Edna working in the studio.

 Click on the picture to enlarge the photos.

Edna is applying the gold on Nature's Caress

Edna is working on the stone and Chioggia.


Edna is finishing Morning Stroll


The printing press for editions and staff


The variety of tools and inks that are used in stone lithography



Several proofs with the edition of Chioggia


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